Using only the highest quality, hypoallergenic mulberry silk and non-toxic dyes, Slip’s range of eyemasks, pillowcases and scrunchies are carefully crafted and beautifully luxurious. Recommended by dermatologists and hairstylists, SlipsilkTM prevents tugging on hair and protects against line-inducing creasing during sleep.
Slip’s founder Fiona Stewart, was inspired to launch her exquisite collection after struggling with sensitive skin and thinning hair, caused by strong acne medication. When a dermatologist recommended sleeping on a silk pillowcase and Fiona was unable to find one, she improvised by wrapping the best silk available around her pillow. After noticing the dramatic results, she set herself a mission and Slip was born, using only the highest quality, most luxurious silk in a design that was perfected over ten years.
Pioneering the use of silk accessories for their skin and haircare benefits, Slip has paved the way for incorporating this exquisite fabric into your beauty regime. Effectively preventing the emergence of creases forming during sleep and reducing the risk of tugging on delicate hair, the unique SlipsilkTM fabric protects against both. For those new to the range, be sure to check out the bestselling pillowcases that promise to preserve your blow dry for longer, reduce absorption of your favourite face cream and stop skin crinkling after sleep too.
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