Following two years of painstaking research, Vintner’s Daughter founder April Gargiulo crafted a unique skincare line enriched with a finely-honed selection of the world’s most active and potent botanicals. As a result, skin reaps numerous rewards thanks to the formula’s ability to deliver key nutrients and combat a myriad of skin issues. The all-natural formulas also mean the brand is well suited to all skin types and ages.
April Gargiulo founded the brand in Napa Valley in 2012 after she became as conscious of the products she was using on her skin as she was about what she was feeding her body. Her previous experience working in her family’s fine wine business stood her in good stead for building a brand with world-class standards including methodical formulation, specific ingredient sourcing and exemplary quality.
Vintner’s Daughter offers results-driven skincare which promises long-lasting results. The brand story will resonate with most and it’s no surprise their signature Active Botanical Serum has been dubbed ‘the face oil to end all face oils’ thanks to its skin-firming, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing qualities.
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